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This is where I put most of my WIP and Manga Project. I will post my cosplay photo too


Cast Size Summer Special DVD

MEGA folder


  • Oyama Masashi & Murai Ryota
  • Watanabe Daisuke
  • Sasaki Yoshihide
  • Kuwano Kosuke & Akazawa Tomoru
  • Wada Takuma & Kikuchi Takuya
  • Tamaki Yuki & Sato Hisanori
  • Takiguchi Yukihiro & Hirano Ryo
  • Baba Toru & Hosogai Kei
  • Nintama Rantaro Musical Cast
  • Kobayashi Yutaka & Hirose Daisuke
  • June 8 Cast Size Event Digest #1 and #2
  • Cast Size Channel June 30 - Yagaminami’s Bar
  • Making of Photobooks and DVD: Ise Daiki, Akazawa Tomoru, Kuwano Kosuke

I appreciate it if you don’t reupload these, please. ^^ Thank you.

OMG.. I’m glad I found my Tumbl password and found these…. thank you always.. SilverWinds always able to make my day!!!!

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This is a semi-cannon Nintama post!


(the picture has nothing to do with the content, but hey)
A little background:
Every two or so years the author of the original manga, Amako Soube-sensei, brings together about 100 (older lol) fans to a hotel where they have a get-together (‘tsudoi’) to basically celebrate RKRN for two days. Its also a meet-and-greet with the author, and fans basically ask her any questions they want about the series. Obviously not all of what Amako-sensei has in her head about the nintama world makes it to the manga, so a lot of the times the stuff she says during the meetings gives fans more insight into the series (like characters pasts and their futures etc).

A nintama fansite had compiled a lot of them (see the source) so I decided to translate them :D

Just remember this is NOT officially canon, but it’s still what goes on in the author’s head when she writes the series, so it’s kinda half-cannon haha
you can take it or leave it I guess

Also the info is a little darker, so if you like your Nintama as a happy kids show this might not be the best to read lol, but its still pretty interesting :D

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YEAH. So I got it in and ripped it! It’s about 1.5gb compiled together? I forgot to rename the file after I ripped and converted it, so it’s some default title nonsense. Rename as you please. It’s separated into 8 parts, which you can combine with hjsplit easily.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8

I’ll try to rip the making/interviews and other stuff later. :D Enjoy.

I LOVE YOU Mitler-san… thank you for the informationTammuu-san…

But wait.. if this one is the third musical.. so the one with takiyashamaru [fourth grade] is the fourth? Oke.. I confused……

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Welcome to Ninjutsu Gakuen everyone

OMG.. its so funny!! I want to see the whole musical. Anyone know where I can downlood it? I already bought the first. Don;t have money to buy another one T_T

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For VanMall Winter Contest.
Damn… I make Aguri OOC. But I just think, he lonely when guard the ruin. No body around, he can plays snow as he likes. lol

For VanMall Winter Contest.

Damn… I make Aguri OOC. But I just think, he lonely when guard the ruin. No body around, he can plays snow as he likes. lol

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This is such a great scene. This is where Aguri has thrown his Kusugami pride and stubbornness away. Where he finally tore down his defensive wall and accepted Ryuuga as a teammate and even a friend. The way he looked at the medal is just lovely, because look, he’s okay now with it being stained, unlike before, especially because it’s stained from him fighting Horrors and protecting humans.

Aguri will forever be super serious and arrogant, but I think this is the point where he starts to be a Makai Knight who does what he does not because of family obligations or duties, but because he’s a Knight who wants to protect humans and his friends.

And I’m taking this way too seriously too, hahahahah.

OMG.. THIS! My favorite episode that make me create this fanfiction :

Oh God.. I love Aguri…..

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#kusugami aguri  #garo  #yami wo terasu mono 


Random. Look at Aguri’s expression when he saw the handprints on the door and he realized what they meant. Look at all the pain when he realized that he couldn’t save them. And same thing with Takeru.

THE BEST EPISODE EVER!!!!!! Oh God… Man who angry through pain because can’t protect something important to them IS VERY SEXY!!!!

That’s why I made fanart based on this scene!

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#kusugami aguri  #yami wo terasu mono  #garo 
12 Tender Killers – in a mixed-up world ~ (2 Vol./tamat)


Judul Asli          : Jyuni Nin No Yasashii Koroshiya - Akitashoten/Jepang

Author : Founder masaki, Tohru Fujieda

Rating  : R

Genre               : Drama, mystery, romance

Target              : Remaja umum

Terbit               : 5 September 2012

Harga               : 17,500



Teman Kouhei Ikaruga, Takagi, tiba-tiba menghilang. Maya, pacar Takagi, mencurigai Kouhei, tapi Kouhei percaya kalau Takagi sedang terlibat masalah dan dia memutuskan untuk bertindak sendiri…

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